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What could possibly go wrong?

Why are services so important? Why should you do regular Oil and Filter Changes?

Oil or Vegemite?

Engine Oils contain a detergent chemical to keep engines clean. These chemicals are active for about 300 km. After this time, soot and sludge start to build up and after 10,000 km this build-up of particles needs to be cleaned out. By replacing the oil, you’re ensuring that the particles are removed and the new oil keeps your engine lubricated.

If the oil change is not done the build-up gets worse, causing higher wear than normal and in extreme cases turns to a Vegemite looking state clogging fine oil galleries (like cholesterol in your veins). The car will run seemingly perfect right up to the point it seizes up (Bit like a heart attack!). We see this from time to time and its very expensive.

Regular servicing will improve the lifespan of the car, pick up issues that are inexpensive if fixed early. It will also give you a long reliable life of the vehicle with better resale value if logbooks are filled in.

We often say a service is way cheaper than major repairs.

At Suzi Auto Services we cheerfully explain what work was carried out and why, and help you make sure your car runs happily for a long time.

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