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Tired Tyres!

OR maintenance and when to replace your tyres

Tyres are important

Tyres really are an important part of your car. It's what allows you to travel on the road smoothly, and assists in propelling or stopping your car. The maintenance of your tyres should be an important part of your maintenance routine to ensure that your vehicle performs to the best of it's ability.

The other problem that occurs is that when tyres wear unevenly, it can put pressure on your steering, brake and other systems, meaning that further issues could develop further down the track. These can end up being quite costly to fix, so maintenance is important.

So what are the tell-tale signs your car might need help? If your car is:

  1. Pulling to one side

  2. Shuddering at high speeds

  3. Wearing excessively on one side

  4. Aquaplaning in the wet

  5. Taking longer to come to a stop

  6. Your fuel economy is reducing

There are checks that you can perform yourself to ensure your tyres are keeping you safe, and ensure your car runs smoothly and with as little major maintenance as possible.

  • Regularly check your tyre pressure and ensure that the pressure in the tyres meets the manufacturers recommendation. There is often a placard inside the front door well of your car, indicating the pressure you should have in your tyres.Tyre pressure should be checked when your tyres are cold.

  • Check the depth of your tread. In Queensland your tread must meet a minimum standard of at least 1.5mm deep or more. Any less than this and it is considered dangerous. If a safety inspection was done your car at this time, it would not pass. It is suggested that once your tyre tread wears below 3mm, handling and performance can be compromised, so replacements are recommended.

  • Check your tyres for any visual signs of cracking on the side wall or tread of the tyre. If you can spot this, it means the rubber on your tyre is hardening, an indication of an older tyre. Car tyres have a shelf life and so even if the tread looks good, your tyres may need to be replaced.

  • Small cuts, bubbles, bulges or nails imbedded in a tyre can indicate an issue. Do not keep driving on your tyres, but get it seen to as soon as possible. You do not want to be on your way to your dream holiday when your tyre blows out, causing an accident!

  • Take your car to a professional and have a wheel balance done on your tyres. Having the tyres balanced ensures that all tyres are in contact with the road equally, ensuring that tyres work their best.

  • Consider getting a wheel alignment. A simple wheel alignment can help you not only smooth out your ride, but reduce your fuel consumption, reduce wear and tear on your car, and keep your car running safely for longer.

  • Make sure you chose a tyre that suits the purpose of your car. Always check with the professionals regarding what tyres are the best for what your car is used for.

At Suzi Auto...

We love our cars at Suzi Auto and we can help you maintain your tyres to ensure a long and safe life for your tyres. If you want help to look after your tyres, or need a rotation, alignment or balance, simply ask us at your next service.

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