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Is your car Stinky?

Motor Vehicle Pollution - and what you can do about it.

We all know that breathing in any kinds of particles into our lungs is bad. In recent months on the east coast of Australia, we have had a number of bush fires, with warnings to stay inside to avoid breathing in particles through smoke in the atmosphere.

One of the main sources of air pollution, however, is transport. Exhaust fumes from vehicles are ever present and whilst it's not as visible these days, with thanks to filters, exhaust fumes are still inhaled every day. These fumes can put you and your family at risk, with increased cardiovascular and respiratory issues.

"According to the Federal Office of Road Safety's National In-Service Vehicle Emissions Study, if all vehicles were tuned correctly there would be up to:

  • 16% less tailpipe hydrocarbon emissions

  • 26% less tailpipe carbon monoxide emissions

  • 9% less nitrogen oxides emissions. "(1)

How can you make sure that you are tuning your car correctly? The study mentioned above revealed that tuning your car does not need to be expensive, it merely means that if you regularly service your car, and ensure components are replaced when worn, your car will not only pollute less, but run more smoothly for longer. They recommend (where applicable):

  • replacing points and air filter

  • replacing fuel filter

  • replacing oil and oil filter

  • checking spark plug condition and gap—adjusting or replacing

  • checking distributor condition and operation and adjusting

  • checking and adjusting idle mix and speed

  • checking and replacing spark plug and distributor leads 

  • checking and replacing hoses and other minor items in fuel/electrical/emission control system

  • examining vehicle diagnostics and replacing faulty components (1)

At Suzi Auto we understand your car, and we can help you keep it running safely and smoother for longer. Book it in now to ensure a happy car with a longer, cleaner life.

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