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High powered, electric brake pumps.

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New for custom cars, hot rods, high performance engines, diesel 4WD, Electric Vehicles. - $450 inclusive of GST

When you need manifold vacuum and there is none, this is what you need.

Ideal for applications where your motor has low vacuum, your project requires a hidden vacuum pump and booster, where your original vacuum pump is too expensive and worn out, requiring replacement, or where you have a vintage or classic that requires vacuum for accessories.

  • 12 Volt Dual Vacuum pump with cut-off switch
  • 13-24 HG Inches mercury – adjustable vacuum sensor
  • Installation diagram provided with every pump sold
  • Super simple to install
  • Factory pre-set at 20 Hg
  • Very fast vacuum production
  • very quiet - 2 air exhaust mufflers
  • 9-amp max draw - pump only operates when brakes are applied
  • Moisture-proof - sealed motor
  • Air inlet filter maintaining clean air for valves
  • Includes Vacuum Reservoir - 150 x 140 mm cylindrical shape
  • Important Pump for delivering vacuum for high-performance vehicles
  • Diesel motors, racing cars, big cam, V/8, Turbo, Supercharged etc
  • Especially suited and used for Electric vehicles for the vacuum brake booster.
  • Cut Off Switch
  • Four slip-in rubber legs for vibration-free action
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
  • The size is 110mm high x 130mm wide x 165mm long
  • Total weight 3 kg packaged
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