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Whether you are after a routine service or a modification for your beloved vehicle, the team at Suzi Auto Servicing have the skills and knowledge to help you get it done. Each member of our team is unique in their own way, but all come together in their love of cars - especially Suzukis. Below are bite-sized bits of information about each of us, so you can get to know us better!



Graeme has always been a keen Suzuki enthusiast. Known earlier as a regular drag racer in the community, he grew his passion for Suzukis and eventually made the leap to open his own business, Suzi Auto Servicing. Here, he works with his team to provide quality services to the community.

Graeme’s main hobby includes gliding, and he has owned two gliders thus far and flown on many occasions. His favourite car is a Suzuki Swift, and his favourite modification is a turbo charge.


Gail is Graeme's devoted partner at Suzi Auto Servicing, taking care of bookings, public relations and answering calls at the front desk.

She is an extremely friendly individual with a unique passion for crochet work in her free time. 

Hamish is a friendly face at Suzi Auto, known for his passion for fixing cars. He loves the concept of learning something new each day, and finds enjoyment in tinkering, pulling things apart and putting them back together. 

In off time, Hamish can be found fishing anywhere and everywhere, and his favourite car would have to be the Mighty Falcon. 


Marvin is on his way to get this trade, and he has chosen Suzi Auto as his place to learn and build upon his skills from the professionals. He loves working on cars, and his dream car would most likely be a Bugatti. 

When not working on cars, Marvin can be spotted on the courts playing basketball and training

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